May 6

Genius Hour Blog #3

I have been learning many things during my research. This week I have been focusing more on puppy mills and adoption. I have learned that puppy mills are very bad for puppies. They are very dirty and unhealthy and is very stressful for the dogs there. No animal should be treated like that! I have learned other things, like things about myself. I think I still work better when I am working alone because I seem to get things done faster and have better concentration with my work. Each week I learn new things about my topic, and also about myself that I never would have known without this assignment! Obstacles I overcame this week is learning to take notes and put them in to my own wording. That has been hard for me this week because of all the different information I am seeming to find. Animal abuse has many facts and parts of information, so there are many notes for me to take each week. I can’t wait to continue this project next week and learn more!


Since I have been researching puppy mills, here is a picture of what they look like inside:


Also I have been researching animal shelters and adoptions. Here is a link to our local animal shelter: Almost Home

April 28

Genius Hour Blog #2

So far during this project I have learned a lot of things about my topic, animal abuse. I learned that thousands of animals get abused each year, maybe even more. There are tons of illegal puppy mills throughout the world as well. I learn new things I did not know about animal abuse each day that I research. Something about myself is that I get things done faster working alone, like I am now. When I work alone I am more concentrated on what needs to get done and I focus better. Some of the obstacles I have encountered is learning to find the answers more on my own and not relying on the teacher or someone else to tell me. I think that me learning to answer questions on my own and find answers is also a success. From here I am going to work on putting my website together. I am still setting it up, and soon I should be adding my information to the website. I need to research about my topic a little more along the way so I can fill up my website with good information. I am happy with the way things are looking so far with my project!

April 15


I did not go to the college visit yesterday, but I have been to a college before. My older sister goes to Iowa Central and I have been to the campus to see her before.  I have also been inside Iowa Central in the cafeteria area and the gift shop.  But that is not the only college campus I have been to before.  I have been to Iowa State.  Iowa State’s campus is very big.  I went to Iowa State a few years ago for school.  I am not sure what college I want to go to yet.  I am still deciding.  There are many different college’s to choose from! I expect college to be fun, but it will also be very hard.  In college you can still have fun and do things, like hanging out with your friends.  But in college you also have to be very smart and determined.  You need to listen in classes, get there on time, and get good grades.  College can be very expensive, so you should try your best and get good grades so you can have a better future!  College can be scary to think about, but I can’t wait for it!

Learn more about Iowa State University here:


April 1

Genius Hour Blog

For my Genius Hour Project, I am researching animal abuse.  I decided to do my project on animal abuse because I love animals and I want to learn more about how many animals are hurt each year, and what I can do to stop that.  When I am older I am hoping to become a Veterinarian, or at least work with animals.  This topic is very important to me, because people do not realize all of the abuse going on around in the world, and especially not the abuse towards animals.  My main goal for this project is for me to learn more about this topic of animal abuse.  I know some things about animals being abused, but there is still a lot more that I do not know and I am hoping to learn new things during my project.  Another goal for me by the end of this project is for me to have informed not only myself, but have informed others about how serious animal abuse is.  Animals are like people, and people should not be abused, hurt, or mistreated, so why should animals?  It is not okay for people to think that they can hurt innocent animals.  Animals can not speak up for themselves if they are hurt.  I will know I have reached my goals when I, and others know more about animal abuse.   My goals will be measured by doing lots of researching and taking notes during the entire time of this project.  Animals are very important and everyone needs to know that!

Stop animal abuse!

December 8

Week 10: So long, farewell

So far total, I have written seven posts, eight including this one.  All of the posts that I have written so far have been part of the blogging challenge, I have not written any off of my own interests, although some of them were interesting to me anyways.  On my posts, I have received one comment from a student in our grade, and one from a teacher in our class.  I have not received any other comments from students in other places.  The post with the most comments is “Are you different online than you are in real life?”.  I think this post may have gotten the most comments because it helps people to get to know and understand you better, so they comment!  The post I enjoyed writing the most was the post about Nature.  This was my favorite post to write because nature really interests me, especially animals.  I changed the blogs theme to a different one because I felt it fit me more instead of the original.  Currently I have no widgets.  I do not think having none is not enough because so far I am doing good.  In my blogroll I have no overseas students right now.  To show my creativity on my blog and get some ideas, I spent some time looking at other student’s blogs to get some ideas.

November 16

Week 7 – Nature

This weeks blog post is anything about nature.  One of the things that interests me very much in nature, is animals.  I have always had an interest in animals, and when I get older my hope is to go to college and become a Veterinarian.  In nature, there are millions of different species, breeds, kinds of animals.  Nature is so beautiful, with a wide variety of things.  In nature, you can find anything.  For animals, you can find insects, bugs, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, etc. For an example of animals, is dogs.  I have two dogs at my home right now.  My dog is a eight year old Yorkshire Terrier, and my sister has a two year old Havanese.  They are both small dogs, and they are both males.  They bring my family so much happiness.  Sometimes when you are feeling down, not even friends or family can help you, but maybe animals can, like dogs for an example.  Even though dogs can not talk, they still have that affect on you.  They’ll sit there with you for hours and let you hold them and talk to them.  They are the best listeners!  Every single dog, or animal in nature, has their own distinct personality.  No two dogs, or animal are the same.  Some are lazy, some are loud, some are active, and some are even beautiful, while others are ugly.  But that does not matter.  What matters if they make you happy or not.  My dog makes me happy.  He is a lap dog, meaning he loves to be held.  As soon as you pick him up, he cuddles into you.  He makes me so happy and I do not know what I would do without him, or any animal.  I love animals so much just because they are so interesting and fun. I can not wait to be older and become a Vet so I can work with them every day!


Yorkshire Terrier


November 13

Visiting Blog’s!

1. I visited Daisy’s blog. She is 7 years old. Something she did well is explained what is popular where she lives, and included a picture of the food she talked about.

2. I visited Mia’s blog. She is 11 years old. Something she did well is when she wrote about her topic, she explained it very well and had many picture along the way so you could see what she was talking about.

3. I visited Owen’s blog. He is 15 years old. He wrote about a picture. It seemed like it was a picture of a happy family, but when you read the photo’s caption, you learn the real story. Owen did a good job!

4. I visited Katelyn’s blog. She is 16 years old. Her post was about how important technology is now a days in our lives. She did a great job on explaining the uses of technology and how important it is to us!

5. I visited Viktoria’s blog. She is 14 years old. Her way of writing stories is very different, but it is great. I love how all her stories are very different and she does a good job explaining her writings!

6. I visited Haley’s blog. She is 12 years old. Her post was about her and all her interests. She was born in Maryland. Very interesting and we have some things in common!

7. I visited George’s blog. He is 16 years old. His post was about camera directing. He did a great job writing about that topic.

8. I visited Lacy’s blog. She is 15 years old. Her post was about the play she got to go to with her class. She did a very good job, and it seems like it was a great play to see!

9. I visited Jame’s blog. He is 16 years old. His post was about Narrative Theories. He did a good job on writing this post. He explained it in great detail, and made it very lengthy!

10. I visited Alicia’s blog. She is 16 years old. Her post was about her. She wrote about her life, interests, hobbies, etc. While reading her post, I found out that we both enjoy reading!


November 6

Tater Tots


Tater Tots are a popular American food.  Tater Tots were invented in 1953 by founders of Ore Ida.  Tater tots were first made when two men from the Ore Ida company were thinking of ways they could use the left over pieces of potato from when they were making their french fries.  They wanted to put the left over potato to use instead of just throwing it away in the trash can.  The two men from the company first made these tater tots by taking the small chunks of potatoes, stirring them in seasoning and flour, and then putting it through their potato masher.  As the small chunks of potato came out of the machine, they cut them off into small bite sized pieces.  The men first sold them in 1956.  The food got it’s name from the nickname that potatoes go by “taters” and “tots” because they were originally meant to be a kids food.  Although tater tots did not sell well the first time, later on people started enjoying them more and more and they are now known as a popular food in America.  Tater Tots are very tasteful and people have gotten more creative over the years with making them in casseroles that kids now enjoy to eat.




October 23

My favorite family memory

Sapphire Princess02.JPG

In 2011, my mom’s side of the family and I went on an Alaskan cruise. My grandparents took us all on this trip to celebrate their 50th marriage anniversary. We rented a party bus from someone we knew, and my dad’s father picked all of our family members up and drove us to the Minneapolis airport. He didn’t go on the cruise with us, he just drove us to the airport and back home. From the airport, my family and I boarded our flight and flew to Seattle. We shopped in Seattle that day and later on ate in the Seattle Space Needle! It was a lot of fun. After we ate we walked over to our hotel. Then, the next morning when we got up, it was finally time to board the cruise ship! We got our bags and got on the ship. It was huge. When we got on the ship, our rooms were still getting cleaned from the people before us, so while we waited we walked around the ship, checked out the food, shopped in the gift shops, and sat out on the deck and looked at the beautiful scenery! At 2 o’clock we were able to go to our rooms. It was so much fun. We went to 5 different places during that week. Every day the ship went to a new town in Alaska, and we were able to get off the ship and explore that area. We had a certain time that we had to be back on the ship by. During that week we also did excursions. An excursion are certain things you can go do when the ship stops for the day. I remember going whale watching, dog sledding, salmon fishing, etc. I will never forget that week in Alaska! When it was time for us to go home, we flew back to Minneapolis and my grandpa picked us up again and drove us all back home!

October 16

Raise Your Voice

For “Raise Your Voice” this week, I am writing about bullying.  To me, bullying is one of the top topics that people should raise their voice to. Bullying happens all the time now a days, and it needs to stop.  There are many types of bullying.  One of them is cyber bullying.  Cyber bullying is when someone sends mean or hurtful texts or emails to another human being. You should NEVER bully someone.  Why would you even want to do that to someone?  Bullying can be very hurtful.  Sometimes it is so hurtful that it makes someone have suicidal thoughts.  If you see bullying either at school, or online, don’t just stand their and watch someone get hurt.  Do something!  Tell an adult or teacher about what is going on, and then they can handle it.  Usually someone who has been bullied in the past, becomes a bully.  They find a target, and decide to take their own personal anger out on that person by bringing them down by saying hurtful things, etc.  You should never hurt someone else’s feelings so bad that they don’t want to even live anymore, because once they are gone, they are gone.  Bullying leaves a scar on people for the rest of their lives.  They will not forget what terrible things they went through.  Next time you see any form of bullying, either in person or online, do something!  You could save a life.  Don’t just stand their and watch and hope it gets better.  You could turn that bullied persons life around.  They could be going through a lot more than you know about.  Stand up for one another and be a friend.  Be a friend, not a bully.  But, in order for bullying to stop, we have to work together.  RAISE YOUR VOICE!